Storytelling: Learn the art of convincing!

We see ourselves as an agency and academy. We are a community of values community that is breaking new ground.



Our Why:

We inspire people to see change as an opportunity and to implement ideas with courage and conviction. We care about preserving our freedom, democracy, competitiveness and prosperity in Europe, and ensuring that our children can grow up in an intact environment and free society.

Our How:

We make ideas tangible and understandable. Our experience and methodological expertise in company formation, design thinking, storytelling, film production and lean innovation help us to do this. This is how we help people to implement ideas faster and more successfully. Regardless of the industry and whether in B2C, B2B, in collaboration with corporates, SMEs or startups.

We use design thinking to create actionable ideas and strategies from problems. We use the power of stories to create impact during implementation. We use the Lean Startup method to develop sustainable success stories. And we also stage good ideas in the form of videos and other formats.

It's not just the wealth of experience from producing more than 3,000 explainer videos for many well-known brands that helps us explain even the most complex topics in 90 seconds. We also benefit from the experience of Innosuisse coaching and working with some of the most exciting startups in Switzerland.


Our What:

We also share our knowledge through workshops and webinars. Remotely and locally. We use the full range of digital tools to inform and entertain. We also help our clients put digital experiences into practice. Across all channels and, of course, in the form of motion pictures. Because that's where we're rooted.

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