Artificial Intelligence Workshop (e.g. ChatGPT)

understand background & apply tools

The sustainable use of Artificial Intelligence. A workshop for marketing teams from SMEs and large companies.


ChatGPT, an application based on a language model, has created a stir in the media and social networks in a very short time. The same goes for tools such as Midjourney and Dall-E, which are used to create images based on artificial intelligence.

As AI will bring about significant changes in communication, marketing and sales in particular, it is essential for professionals to get to grips with this trend.

The intensive course "Sustainable Use of Artificial Intelligence" aims to give you a solid understanding of the AI landscape. The focus is on the practical application of AI tools in your work environment. This will help you realize your full potential in a short period of time.

The AI workshop at a glance

Duration of the intensive course: half-day workshop
Course language: German or English
Includes course material, presentation and tool fees
Location: In person at company


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This is your learning goal of the KI workshop

Our intensive course "sustainable use of artificial intelligence" helps you to understand the trendy topic of artificial intelligence. Learn to use cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT and many more and to integrate them into your daily work.


Getting Started & Understanding Where does AI come from? Why now? Key players? Function? Potential and risks?
Impact on everyday working life Impact on Marketing, Communications & Sales? Use at work?
How to use it The most important tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. Exercises with three case studies.


For whom is the AI workshop suitable?

Everybody interested who work in an SME or in a corporate area such as communication, marketing and sales and want to educate themselves in the context of the current discussion about artificial intelligence.


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Who are your coaches in artificial intelligence for marketing?


Stefan Huber: Entrepreneur & Storytelling Expert

Founder of StoryUp, entrepreneur, founder of several other companies, Innosuisse coach, mountaineer, Lego-tested family man, motivator, out-of-the-box thinker. He loves to question things and make them a little better every day. This also applies to game changers like Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT or Midjourney. He never gets discouraged and makes even detours or supposed setbacks his way. In 2017, he and Kari Kobler's team finally reached the summit of Aconcagua (at 6962 meters, the highest mountain in South America), after being forced to abandon the climb just 200 meters below the summit in 2014 due to avalanche danger.

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